Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mystery of the Diaper

Has something ever happened to you and you can't for the life of you figure out how in the world that event possibly happened?  Well, I had one last night.  I was getting the boys ready for bed, getting ready for a conference call, and cleaning house.  I noticed a used and  wet diaper on the floor.  My first thought was, "now Knox has been in the trash can".  He had been so busy all day getting into things!  

So, I picked it up and through it in the trash can and didn't give it another thought until.....Ryan came home and we were playing in the floor with the boys.  Knox was walking everywhere being so silly!  He sat in my lap and I realized he didn't have a diaper on!  His clothes were snapped up, all but one tiny snap!  How in the world a huge wet diaper fell out of snapped clothes I will never know!  Sawyer promises he didn't do it:)  

I think I remember something like this happening with Sawyer except it was contents of the diaper!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I have now experienced 5 Mother's Day!  This year was my first with Knox.  We had a blast going to church, playing outside, napping, and just hanging out.

I know for some women Mother's Day is so dreaded because they so desire to have a baby and haven't been able to or they have lost children.  To all of you, close friends and ones I don't know, my heart does ache for you.  Know that prayers are sent often that God will give you the desires of your heart, even if it comes in a different package than you expected!

To all of you who are mother's I pray that you are given the stamina and wisdom you need to fulfill the job of being a mom no matter what age your children are!!!  If you need some help on being a Biblical mom I'm reading some great books by Sally Clarkson that are great resources along with your Bible, The Mission of Motherhood and The Ministry of Motherhood.

Knox Denton 10 months, Karlyn Kay 33, and Sawyer Joseph 4
 Thanks to my boys for my amazing gift, this is the poem I received...

A bushel and a peck,
And a hug around the neck.
We didn't clean our room,
So the house is a wreck!

Call Heaven Scent to clean
And pick up all our toys.
Have a Happy Mother's Day,
Love your three handsome boys!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Reshaping It All 65 Day Challenge

I finished this book about a month ago and it's such an eye opening read!  If you struggle at all with weight, a proper view of food/exercise, or how God wants to use you this book is a great tool to help you get past these obstacles.

Join the blog world at reshapingitall.com for a 65 day challenge.  You don't have to have read the book to participate!