Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Sawyer, Knox, and Ryan playing on the slide
My 3 guys posing by the truck!
My dad with all his grandkids!

My Father n law Walter with Knox!
I'm so thankful for Ryan and his love for being a dad!  Sawyer and Knox can't get enough of him.  He's extremely patient with all of us and does his best to play with the kids even when he's tired!  Thank you Ryan for being the example you are to our boys!

I'm also thankful for God's gift of an amazing dad!  He instilled in me so many things that have helped me grow closer to God and want to be an excellent parent.  

Thank you Walter for being the dad you were and are to Ryan.  You and Karen were always present for him and you taught him so many things about being a Godly man and dad!

Thank you God for these amazing men!

Knox is 1!

Knox is 1 year old

He wasn't real sure about his birthday cake!

Being silly on the swing set.

He thinks he's big enough to climb the slide with Sawyer
One year ago I couldn't wait to see what Knox would like like and act like.  He was definitely a bit more of a challenge in the beginning because he just didn't think sleep was necessary!  Thank goodness he's decided it's OK to do that several times a day!

Knox you've added another degree of fun and excitement to this family!  I'm excited to see what another year with you will bring!