Thursday, July 7, 2011

Steven Curtis Chapman soon to release 17th album, "re:creation"

Steven Curtis Chapman will be releasing his 17th album, "re:creation", on August 9th. 

Before I was even half way through the album it struck an emotional chord I wasn't expecting.  You can hear authentic praise rolling out of the heart of someone who has experienced the mountain top and thrown to the valley to be pulled up and healed.  Several songs will be familiar, hence the title "re:creation".  However, through his families tragedy and healing Mr. Chapman has re-created them to be even more powerful melodically and full of passion than they were before!

If you've followed him because of his amazing gift of writing from the heart and his beautiful guitar you won't be disappointed.  He'll definitely grip you with his new songs All That's Left, Long Way Home, and Meant To Be.  You'll also be refreshed and revived with a familiar hymn featuring his son, Caleb ChapmanThen experience a glimpse of the Chapman families healing with Sing Hallelujah!   

"re:creation" is "perfectly, wonderfully, and beautifully meant to be".

-this album was sent to me for review by the {m} media collective

Matt Redman's new album "10,000 Reasons"

On July 12th, 2011, Matt Redman released his new album "10,000 Reasons".  Let me just say Revival Revival, Revival!  That's the emotion this album stirs.  If you've lost passion for your faith his heartfelt lyrics and driving melodies will make your heart rise up!

This is not a worship album that will leave you sleepy and longing for more depth.  Redman reaches deep to tug your heart strings, stir the fire, and remind us of the awe and reverence our Savior deserves.  You will definitely have 10,000 reasons to add this to your library and incorporate these passionate anthems in your worship services!

-this album was sent to me for review by the {m} media collective