Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Review: What I Learned from a Simple Blessing, the Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer by Michael W. Smith with Thomas Williams

As a Christian it can be difficult at times to muddle through Biblical Doctrine and really see TRUTH for what it really is.  If you have ever even slightly felt this way, Grammy and Dove Award winning artist, Michael W. Smith's new book, What I Learned from a Simple Blessing, the Extraordinary Power of an Ordinary Prayer gives clear insight into Christian Doctrine.

This written experience is filled with truth we as Christians tend to miss on a daily basis.  Themes are discussed such as understanding true holiness, God's purpose for our lives, how pop culture has perverted our doctrine, parenting, relationships, and duties as believers.  Then he ties it all together by teaching us how to receive and pass along God's blessings.  This is not just man's opinion but excitingly supported by Scripture.

Being all of 165 pages, this is an easy yet very intelligent reading, and is excellent for seasoned Christians, new Christians, and those seeking to understand real truth in Christianity.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music Reviews

-Have you ever needed a "fight song" to make it through the day, through the hour, or maybe through every minute of your day?  Well, now you can have an album full of "fight songs" to get you through.

Kristian Stanfill's Mountains Move will make you feel like, through Christ, you can do just that - move mountains.  Driving melodies, beats that move, and lyrics full of truth is what you'll get from this listening experience.  Definitely one to get for yourself and everyone who needs encouragement and an attitude of praise!

-An all star cast of worship leaders gathered to create a worship experience known as Passion- Here for You.  This 15 song album does not disappoint.  There is distinction in each songs melody, rhythm, and lyric.  While listening and worshipping,  you'll find variety in the sound including sweet ballads, up tempo rhythms, and yes a little RAP.

What's most important in a worship album, pointing you to Christ and that's what you'll experience through Passion - Here for You.

-these albums were sent to me for review by the {m} media collective

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Spiritual Bday to Me!

Today is my 21st spiritual birthday!  I became a believer on March 1st, 1990.

At the age of 8 I started to feel God's call on my life.  A lady in our church led me in the "sinner's prayer" and the whole time I was repeating after her I knew that something wasn't right.  That something was that I wasn't completely ready to follow Christ with my whole heart.

From the age of 8 to 13 I knew I wasn't a believer.  It was my seventh grade year when I was fully aware of the fact it was time to give my life to Christ.  God used music to help draw me to him, something he continues to do. 

My parents were very strict on music I could listen to, and Michael W. Smith was one of the few "Contemporary Christian" artists available (even though they still thought he was a rebel).  So, I listened to his albums A LOT.  God used one of his songs to speak clearly to me and really convict me of the change needed to be made.  I had the privilege of being in a Christian school and on March 1st, 1990, my principal, Mr. Phelps, helped me confirm what I knew needed to be done - confess I wasn't a believer and commit myself to Christ! 

21 years has flown by and God has changed, refined, and molded me over and over.  Just when I think I'm getting close to being a woman after God's heart I realize how far I am from being there.  What I've learned about my salvation and my relationship with God in the last 5 years is... GRACE.  He gives me so much grace to make it through the day and I have to turn around and give grace to everyone around me.

I've learned more than ever how important it is to have scripture embedded in my brain and heart to back up the things I say I believe, to be ready to always give an answer for my faith!  I really look forward to the day my boys begin to hear God's calling on their heart, work through it with them by training and reading God's Word, and watching the Holy Spirit draw them! 

Happy Birthday to Me!  21 sounds much better than 34.  Here's the song God used to draw me to Him!
Michael W. Smith
I Am Sure

Looking at the future
Who can tell you what is going on
It seems we have become the generation
Of wars and bombs
And the heart grows weak
And the fear grows strong
That the day may come and it may not be very long
And you want to run
But you don't know where
So where do you go
I know
And I tell you

I am sure there will be a day
But it will not be like the nations say
The Lord will come when this life is through
And His deep desire is to be with you
Hearts will fly when the new world starts
And joy will rise like the morning star
God will meet every cry of the heart
And it's my prayer
I want you to be there

I like to think about the new creation
Things that God will do
So every now and then I stop and close my eyes
I enjoy the view
And the heart grows strong
And the fear grows weak
And I cannot wait for the new world to come to me
And while I dream
Oh, I pray for you
'Cause He wants you to go
I know
And I tell you