Friday, January 26, 2007

Dr. visit

We took Sawyer to the doc today to be weighed. When we came home from the hospital he weighed 7lbs 13 oz. Now at two weeks old he weighs 9lbs 11 oz. I knew he was filling out and getting some chunky cheeks but I had no idea he had gained nearly 2 lbs! At this rate we could have a big boy on our hands!


Janet and Brian said...

What a precious little blessing from the LORD! We praise the LORD for giving you Sawyer and pray that He will use your family to be a light to others!
Brian and Janet
Psalm 127:3

Terry Lewallen said...

How precious little Sawyer is! I rejoice with you guys as I sit here with my precious new little boy Kade, only a few days younger than sweet Sawyer but not quite as big! Have lots of fun! Love- Terry