Sunday, May 20, 2007

After 4 months...

After 4 months of not posting I'm finally back on. The blog wouldn't let me log on and we finally got it to work. Sawyer has grown so much and has gone through several milestones. Rolling over, eating baby food, sleeping all night, playing with toys, and recognizing familiar people.
Jennifer, Sam, and Will left yesterday to go back home. They were here for Tessa's graduation. Saw got lots of kisses from both boys. I can't believe how much those boys love their Saw and Jada. It's going to be so fun to watch all of them grow up together. Work ends this week and I'm so ready to be back at home with Sawyer! I feel like I've missed a lot.
Note to Joan and Christy... the pic of me and Sawyer with the roses in the background - those are Mammaw's roses!
Jennifer asked me if my first Mother's Day was special and I told her not really, but after thinking about it that's not true. It was very special because I spent the day with family and took a nap with Sawyer and played with him and Ryan all day. What more special could I ask for? So Jennifer, if you asked me that question again my answer would be very different. Tomorrow is Monday and I love Mondays!

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