Saturday, September 29, 2007

On the Move...constantly

There isn't much down time these days. When Sawyer is awake he is constantly climibing, crawling, rolling, banging, anything that ends in "ing". we have had a lot of fun watching him explore and pull up. Today he crawled on top of Ryan's Gatorade to get into the chair. He also thinks that he can bale off of whatever he is on top of and that's just fine. So, right now his face is covered in bruises! He now has two teeth and wants to walk because Jada walks! I love watching him change and grow. He's almost 9 months and I've almost forgotten what he was like as a newborn, you know those days that I thought I was going to have a very laid back- easy going little boy - nope!

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Abby Sims said...

Boy do I know how you feel! Carter is into everything these days! It is busy, but I think this is my favorite age so far:). Abby