Thursday, November 18, 2010

All things new!

Every time I go to compose a post I get lost in the words floating, sky diving, and hurling through my mind. I think that I have all these conversations that someone will be interested in and then realize, I'm really the only one who cares what is floating around in my brain. I'm not ironic with words, not great with grammar, or comical in a delivery. In spite of all this, I'm going to take a shot at it. I've been recently inspired by several people I went to college with who seem fearless to me.

These "fearless" people, as I have deemed them, would probably say to you that they aren't, however, in my eyes they're unstoppable and not afraid to try things new and out of the box. Now that I'm in my 30's I'm beginning to question if I'm just living or if I'm taking life by the horns, like they are. So, what would be fearless for me?
-Reading all the books I think I don't have time for
-embracing photography like I've always wanted
-singing without reservations
-being completely "present" with my boys
-running my business successfully and still having time to do all these other things
-cooking, really cooking with recipes and everything!
-becoming fluent in a second language
-using coupons!!!!!
-finishing a year long chronological Bible study

This is beginning to sound like a bucket list, not my intention. I guess I just want to wear too many hats or maybe I know that God created us all to fulfill His creation by being creative with the mind and body He gave us.

Regardless of the never ending list, I'm going to start looking at my day through the eyes of a 3 year old and 5 month old. So much is new, the smallest thing is inspiring, tasks are carried out with giggles & determination, and every day is new with excitement! Who cares if my eyes don't focus right, my abs are invisible, I think I don't have the resources, and my house is a scary mess. God makes all things new and I can be fearless too.

**The little guy above is one of my inspirations!!!!

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Kristen Black said...

Love it! Glad to see you blogging again and look forward to pics of those precious boys!