Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Begins

Things have started off to quite a full schedule for 2012!  As soon as the new year hit "we", Ryan, began closing in the porch with the help of Dad and David!  So things have been in a huge mess but starting to get back to normal with the living room, Thea's room and the "porch" all painted! 

Sawyer's 5th birthday party was at the bowling ally this year and he had so much fun.  He was so excited to finally be 5!  He's been waiting FOREVER!

We also had lots of family overseas for mission trips!  Jonathan and Walter spent 2 weeks in Russia, Morgan went to Kenya, and Kyle went back to Argentina!  All trips were very successful with a few sicknesses but everyone came home safely!

We have 2 weeks and Thea will be here.  I'm trying to really enjoy these last 2 weeks with just the boys.  I haven't been able to get enough of them.  Knox is talking like crazy and Sawyer is growing up too fast.  I had dreams last night that she was a boy and not a girl, OH MY!

Don't know if it's just pregnancy emotions or what but I've been overwhelmingly thankful and aware of how blessed I am with family, friends, church, work, etc.  Even through frustrating circumstances at times, I'm more and more aware of how God works and calls us to follow him!

Lane, Tate, Sawyer, Ian, Eli, Angela, Read, Olivia, Steven, Jada

Yearly bday measurement, he grew 3.5 inches!

Sawyer Reading to Knox

Knox is ready to work with Dad!

Watching Grandad work!

Yes it's winter and he's wearing shorts!

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Ann said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of Sawyer reading to Knox!