Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Fun

Right now I'm playing tag with two boys who are trying to take a nap! Sawyer and I are with Sam and Will today and it's nap time. They started out in the bed together, but they were laughing so hard we had to separate or Sawyer was going to wake up. Will is so funny when I ask him not to do something he looks at me with that sweet WIll WIll face and says "OK Karlyn". I'm so glad that Sawyer has big cousins and little cousins to grow up with. I didn't get a chance to be with my cousins much when I was growing up, and I missed out on a lot. Thanks God for time with family!

Sawyer got to watch his second ballgame yesterday. We went to Forrest City to watch Kyle play. He didn't watch much because he had a lot of catching up to do with Morgan, Staci, Kaylee, Aunt Christy, Nana and Grandad. He was so tired by the time we left. He loves his family.

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