Thursday, June 28, 2007

His Choices

I realized today that I'm starting to make personality choices for Sawyer that probably don't mirror his preferences. This may seem silly since he is only 5 1/2 months old, however if I continue this pattern I may turn into a very controlling mom that I don't want to be. So, this is what happened. He has a lot of toys that are animals and I have unintentionally made giraffes and monkeys his "favorite animals". I have even caught myself saying, "monkeys are his favorite". How is that possible to know when all he can say right now is "dih dih dih mah mah mah". When shopping I catch myself gravitating to all things giraffe and monkey. We just bought a new pair of pj's, and yes they have monkeys all over them! So, today I commit to backing off of the "this is his favorite" and allowing him to pick his appropriate favorites. Back off momma!

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The Kemmers said...

HA! I'm sure it would make it easier if he could say, "yes, mommy, monkeys are my favorite!" or "No, I can't stand the sight of monkeys!" but what about parenting is easy??