Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Already!

Sawyer is now 4!  He's grown so much.  His first gift was a Snow Day for his birthday!  I knew having you was going to be fun but we had no idea it would include silly songs, cowboys, Indians, early morning bathroom snuggles under the heater, swimming like a fish, driving tractors in your underwear, and being such a great big brother!  Happy birthday, we love you!
Climbing trees has begun  

He's now 41 & 15/16 inches tall! 

First real bike!

 For his cake he requested: a cow, horse, Indian, and a cowboy!  
Thanks April, he loved it!
Stella came to the cowboy birthday party!

4 candles takes a lot of air.

Steven Hibbard, Grandad, Sawyer, and Ian can't wait for cake!

Stella and Olivia chowing down!

Angela Hibbard and Jada

Fun presents!  Thanks to everyone who came to the party and 
we appreciate all your gifts!

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