Thursday, January 27, 2011

Source of My Almost "Perfect" Day

I'm in the middle of week 18 of a chronological Bible study and we are smack in the middle of David's life.  One of the key applicable lessons I've learned is when God gives me something/anything it's always meant to bless others and not just a treasure for me to enjoy.  He wants me to pass it on so that He can be seen, felt, and heard by others.  It's another way for them to see Christ in my life and how He can affect theirs.

One of those gifts came today.  I had one of those almost "perfect" days, at least perfect for me.  This is how it went...up at 8:30, boys still asleep, spent time in the Word, boys wake up in great moods, go to Grammy's to attempt to make cake balls with Rachel for Tara's shower, all the kids play together, finish cake balls, go home, boys down for nap, actually get 3 rooms of the house CLEAN, 5 friends come over for a SPA night, eat supper with Ryan Sawyer Knox, back home to wrestle Knox to sleep, time for bed.

So, why was this anywhere near perfect?  For several reasons and one big one hit me while I was vacuuming for my SPA night.  I get to be a stay at home mom and own a business that helps other women have their almost "perfect" days too!  I didn't have a boss telling me what time to be at work, I didn't have to leave my kids in daycare all day, I got to sleep in and still have time to READ my Bible not just skim, I had fun in icing up to my elbows, cleaned my house, and helped three women take a little break from the world and just sit and rest! 

So my blessing reminder was God whispering, "I gave you an almost "perfect"day for you to pass it on".  My BeautiControl business was given to me by Him and He uses it to allow me to have "perfect" days.  My paying it forward means I take time to give the women I come in contact with the same opportunity I have and more.

Gifts from God through BeautiControl:
-ability to be acne free! (if you've never struggled with a daily skin issue you can't even comprehend what a gift this is)
-answer to prayer before I knew I needed an answer - a way to stay at home with Sawyer and Knox
-spiritual mentors I would have never met in any other avenue of my life
-new relationships with women met at Spas that I would have never met otherwise
-learning how to really see and pray for the needs of women
-watching a friend find confidence and freedom in speaking in front of others
-watching others feel financial freedom and dreams come true
-"any time money" to pay bills

This gift isn't just a skincare and makeup company.  He reminds me daily that it's an avenue to share His mercy, grace, love, peace, and all that He is.  When I'm at a SPA there's a room full of women that may be stressed to the point of breaking, distracted, hurting, depressed, in need of love, in need of time to just BE and not BE NEEDED.  I get to give them the gift of rest, fun, pampering, and opportunity to lessen or get rid of stressors.  It's a pretty amazing job!

Thanks God for the reminder that this day and every day comes from you!  Thank you for providing the job that allows me to have almost "perfect" days and pass them on. 

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Ann said...

This made me smile. And convicted me. My natural tendencies are selfish, and I frequently don't even think of ways to share my perfect days. I'm going to start praying for God's wisdom on that - and I'm going to be praying for you to have an abundance of perfect days!!