Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music Reviews

-Have you ever needed a "fight song" to make it through the day, through the hour, or maybe through every minute of your day?  Well, now you can have an album full of "fight songs" to get you through.

Kristian Stanfill's Mountains Move will make you feel like, through Christ, you can do just that - move mountains.  Driving melodies, beats that move, and lyrics full of truth is what you'll get from this listening experience.  Definitely one to get for yourself and everyone who needs encouragement and an attitude of praise!

-An all star cast of worship leaders gathered to create a worship experience known as Passion- Here for You.  This 15 song album does not disappoint.  There is distinction in each songs melody, rhythm, and lyric.  While listening and worshipping,  you'll find variety in the sound including sweet ballads, up tempo rhythms, and yes a little RAP.

What's most important in a worship album, pointing you to Christ and that's what you'll experience through Passion - Here for You.

-these albums were sent to me for review by the {m} media collective


Ann said...

Awesome! So excited that you've been able to enter the music review world! :-)

Ginny said...

I know just what you mean by "fight song." The Martin's "Trusting God" is one I always turn to. I'll have to try this one out too!