Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pray, Mourn, Praise, & Move On

Last week in the chronological Bible study we took a look at more of David's reign as King. The story of his life makes so much more sense when you read it chronologically. I highly recommend it!

I learned some new things like Bathsheeba was the daughter of one of David's mighty men. So, he knew her before the rooftop scene. One observation stood out the most, David's reaction to the illness and death of his and Bathsheeba's baby. David prayed and mourned while the baby was sick. He poured his heart to God in prayer and made requests for the child to be healed. He was even questioned by those closest to him for doing this. Here is what I saw new, once the baby died David stopped his mourning, worshipped God, and moved on. The blogger asked the question, "What do you take away from David's reaction?"

For the first time I realized that I like to hang out in the mourning stage a lot longer than God intends me to! I'm pretty good about praying about tough situations and having faith that God will do what's best, but when the answer comes and it's a time of loss I like to hang out in the mourning stage hoping the answer will change.

Thanks David for another insight into having a heart after God. Pray, mourn, worship, and move on!

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