Friday, February 4, 2011

Be My Valentine

February 14th, 1996 was my first Valentine's Day with Ryan.  From that moment he spoiled me completely and set the bar high!

We were poor college students totally in love!  I made him promise that he wouldn't spend money on flowers for me so instead he did something incredible (you need to understand how much I love fresh cut flowers especially roses).  He wanted our first Valentine's Day to be special so he spent a full week hand crafting a dozen roses, without me knowing his plan!

When he picked me up Valentine's night for our date there sat, in his truck, a vase of a dozen red roses.  I immediately began to get on to him because I told him not to spend money on flowers.  Then he says, "I didn't buy them I made them."  What?????

I have to explain, at that time, I knew he was creative but had no idea how deep the creative juices ran!  I looked closer and realized he had made the roses out of tissue paper and wire!  After taking in this beautiful sight I knew this was a special man!

I kept the vase of roses for 14 years!  Just last year I removed them from our attic.  Ryan continues to spoil me and do very creative things to show me how much he loves me and cherishes our relationship.  I'm always looking forward to the next project on his list, even if it's not for me.  I enjoy watching him create! (Even if projects mean working on them in my living room!:)
Photo Ryan took at Dole Plantation in Hawaii Summer 2009


Ann said...

Love it!!

jgoode said...

He is something special, but your first Valentine's Day was 1996. :)