Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clean Sweep Marathon

I can't believe I'm going to share this, but my friend Jade and I are desperate (more me than her).  If you've ever watched the T.V. show Clean Sweep you know where this is heading.  Let me give you a little background...

I've never been organized, thorough, put together, or efficient when it comes to my house.  I'm clean but the mounds of clutter and piles are everywhere!!!!  I use to let people say, "Oh but you have 2 small kids that's just how it's gonna be".  Well, if I'm gonna be honest with myself, if there were no kids in this house it would still look this way.  Everything I see is mine!

Part of my issue with organization is I NEED to see everything.  That's how I know where things are.  These mega organized folks that have everything put up "in it's place" will never understand that I can't function that way.

So, Jade and I have decided that with the help of our mega organized friend, Teresa, we are gonna "Clean Sweep" each others homes and just try to function in organization!  That means the following: we go to each others homes, throw away what needs to be trash, give away what needs to be donated, sell what can be sold, and live in "sweet minimal" which is organized at least for an hour!!!

Anyone who wants to join us in this HUGE challenge let me know so we can help you find things after they are put up in it's place!  BTW Joan, part of this is conviction from our Bible study.  Thanks for being God's filter!!!

Warning....the pictures you are about to see are real and what my everyday life is like!  This is my home uncensored.


Ann said...

1) That's scary. No, not your house, but someone else coming in and organizing it. I just don't know that I would have the guts!! But, if I don't have the guts to do that, I have to discipline myself to do it on my own!
2) My house has looked a lot like yours for most of our married life. It has finally gotten to the point in the last couple of years that it's decent (but not clean) more frequently than it's overly cluttered, but I still just have stuff everywhere. I think part of the progress has been doing exactly what you're talking about doing - purging. I just have to purge on a regular basis because I seem to be a stuff magnet!!!
3) Steven just came in wearing a pair of gym pants saying, "Mommy, these are the only long pants I could find." He has a ton of long pants. Yeah, that's how much laundry is piled up in my bedroom.

Jade said...

Karlyn, I am SOOOOO ready for our edition of Almyra clean sweep. I love the pics. I just walked out of Abby's room which I "cleaned out" this morning, and thought to myself what a mess. Oh I'm in need of help.