Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Bash!

            Happy 40th Birthday Christy!!
Christy and I just before we walked into surprise party

Christy and her fab kids!
This weekend we celebrated, with grand flair, my middle sister's 40th birthday. It was a full weekend of surprises for her.  We knew it was a hit when she said, "This was the best birthday since the 6th grade". If you know Christy well, you know her attachment to that year of her life!

During all of the celebrating, I remembered just how blessed I am to have amazing women in my family and extended family. I've got a fabulous mom, two incredible sisters, amazing nieces, wonderful aunts, friends that are like family, and a slough of cousins that are pretty impressive too! This list doesn't even cover the influential women on my husbands side!

If you looked at all of them from across the room you might not give them a second glance, but just start a conversation with one and realize it's a "family of champions"! Possibly not by the standards of Olympians or world titles but definitely by spiritual standards. I see prayer warriors, perseverance through faith, endurance through tragedy-loss-hardships, and training through unconditional love.

So, Happy 40th Birthday Christy! Thanks for being one of the champions I look up to!

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